Research Assistant / Coordinators

Land surveyor: In SOP, KDA, LDA, CDA and private surveying organizations

Transport Planners: In TEB (Traffic Engineering Bureau) Karachi Planners for Katchi abadies, KMC (Karachi Metropolitan Corporation) Sindh Katchi Abadies authority

Cartographer: In survey of Pakistan, in Geological survey of Pakistan, in Civil Aviation, Meteorological department, SUPARCO, in Oil Companies, Geodetic Surveying

Consultants: In engineering firms like ECIL, EA/ES, BlueChip Intl., Proplan etc., Soil Survey of Pakistan, a number of NGOs, Atlas publishing companies (like OUP, FEP etc.)

Others: Population census organization, statistical bureau, AKRSP, (Agha Khan Rural Support Program).



  • Journal occasionally published by the Department
  • Faculty Publications: More than 300 articles published in the journals of international repute.