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Karachi University Journal of Science is the official research journal of the University of Karachi. The papers published in the journal are mainly based on research conducted in various departments of the Faculty of Science, University of Karachi. However, original and standard manuscripts contributed by authors from outside the University are also accepted for publication.

Articles published in the Journal do not represent the views of the University of the University of Karachi. Authors alone are responsible for the opinions expressed in them and for the accuracy of the material contained in their articles




Dear Readers:
The Scientific and Research publications of the faculty members and scholars are an important source of gathering updated information. This updated and recent information plays a pivotal role in the development and economy of the country. The Karachi University Journal of Science has been publishing valuable research papers of the faculty members and scholars in the field of physical, biological and marine disciplines. The research contributions published in the compendium are not only helpful in updating the knowledge but it is also an important source for decision making and opens new horizons for the researchers. I am sure that the publication of this volume of the Journal of Science shall be well received by all the stakeholders and encourage new research activities among the faculty members and promising research scholars.




Dear Readers:
We publish the journal namely, Karachi University journal of Science. Our goal is to create a new forum for exchange of information on all aspects of Science. Future scope of the Karachi University journal of Science is open to your suggestions. I would like to encourage you to submit original research notes. I wish to see Karachi University journal of Science develop as an advance scientific journal with the balance, changing toward research communication rather than remain a bulletin. The success of this enterprise depends on your response. I would appreciate your feedback.