Chief Librarian: Ms. Malahat Kareem




The Central library of the University of Karachi is housed in a unique building, resembles a huge Ship. It is not only located in the center of the campus, but in fact a hub of academic and research activities of the one of the largest universities of the country.

The Library was founded in 1952, when the University of Karachi itself came into being.  In 1975 after the death of Prof. Dr. Mahmud Husain then Vice Chancellor and renowned scholar, the library was named as Dr. Mahmud Husain Library in recognition of his services to scholarship, education and for the promotion of librarianship in Pakistan. The Library has a collection of more than 350,000 books and the same number of bound volumes of research and scientific journals.  Library also has the status of UNO depositary center.  A valuable collection of rare books and manuscripts consists of about 6000 volumes dated back to 16th century and the Personal book collections of 46 Scholars, writers and renowned academicians are also the part of the Library.  The most significant of all is the personal collection of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, stored in the original antique book cabinets received as a part of the collection. Original photographs, letters and Posters of the Freedom Movement are also an asset for the Library.