The Department is housed in a two storied building where lecture rooms, laboratories, seminar library and staff rooms are provided. The seminar library caters for the immediate reading needs of the students and is provided with 1000 books form donations. The Map Library of the Department is well equipped with topographical maps of various areas on various scales. Total number of such maps is about 2000, aerial photographs and satellite imageries are available in the Department.

GIS Lab.
Computer laboratory of the Department of Geography was established in March, 1988. Initially it consisted of three PCs and a printer. Currently this laboratory has fifteen computers, Intel Core 2 duo. Department has purchased MapInfo Professional Software, which is one of the state-of-art packages for GIS and Remote Sensing application. Presently, it is being used for the purpose of teaching and research, in the fields of computer aided cartography, GIS and Remote Sensing.

Prehistoric Museum
On the ground floor of the Department there is a Museum containing relic of prehistoric cultures of Pakistan. These have been collected from an area extending to 120 miles around Karachi. The material ranges from early Paleolithic age through Middle and upper Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic to Harappan Age. The museum also displays vertebrate fossils of Miocene Age derived from Sindh Kohistan and coastal area of Sindh.

Seminar Library:
The department contains a fully fledged seminar library which offers books, Atlases, different types of Maps and topographic sheets to students. A section donated by Dr. I. H. Zaidi and Dr. M. I. Siddiqui is also available having their valuable collection of books on various fields of Geography. Different precious research journals and published material are also available.