Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Khalid M. Iraqi

Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi


A university is not just a degree awarding institution but also the highest seat of learning where students are given the opportunity to achieve academic excellence along with refinement of character, so that they make meaningful contribution in society. The University of Karachi was established with the same vision in 1951 and since then it has been actively engaged in imparting quality education with a special focus on research in a variety of disciplines. The teachers and research scholars working in the 54 departments and 19 research institutes of the University of Karachi work with students in the joint construction of knowledge and it is this joint construction of knowledge that should be the aim of higher education institutions.

The University of Karachi is proud to have produced hundreds and thousands of graduates in different disciplines in its 68 years long journey --- a journey we would love to continue for centuries to come. The graduates of the University of Karachi hold important positions in their respective fields both in Pakistan and abroad. Currently, the University of Karachi has around 40,000 students including foreign students from different African, Middle East and South Asian countries, who are studying in different departments and research institutes of the university. The fact that we have students not only from different regions of Pakistan but also from 12 different countries adds to its diversity and it is this diversity that makes Karachi University stand apart from other universities of Pakistan:

I welcome all the new students, local as well as foreigner ho believe will excel in their field of interest and make the university proud of their achievements. I assure you that the time you spend on the university campus and the interactions you have both inside and outside the classroom will enrich your experience and inculcate in you the desire for continuous intellectual growth and professional development.