Program of M.A.


Program of M.A. (Previous & Final)

1. Economics (Previous)

  • Paper-I: Micro Economics
  • Paper-II: Public Finance
  • Paper-III: Advanced Economic Statistics
  • Paper-IV: Economic of  Planning 
  • Paper-V: Economics of Agriculture, National Income analysis & Accounting, Mathematical Economics, Comparative Economics System & Economics of Islam


    Economics (Final)

  • Paper-I: Macro Economics
  • Paper-II: International Economics
  • Paper-III: Monetary Economics
  • Paper-IV: History of Economics Thought, Eco. Of Labour, Econometrics, Development Eco, Management of  Eco
  • Paper-V: Essay


2. Mathematics (Previous)

  • Paper-I: Analysis
  • Paper-II: Algebra
  • Paper-III: Numerical Analysis
  • Paper-IV: Applicable Differential Geometry
  • Paper-V: Methods of Mathematical Physics


    Mathematics (Final)

  • Paper-I: (Pure) Abstract Algebra (Applied) Classical Mechanics
  • Paper-II: (Pure) Measure Theory B.(Applied) Fluid Dynamics
  • Paper-III: (Pure) Functional Analysis, (Applied) Electromagnetism
  • Paper-IV: Mathematical Statistics (Pure & Applied)
  • Paper-V: Algebraic Topology Pure), Sum ability Theory (Pure), Quantum Mechanics (Applied), Relativity (Applied), Numerical Analysis (Pure & Applied) & Astronomy (Applied)


3. International Relations (Previous)

  • Paper-I: Principles of International Relations
  • Paper-II: International Law
  • Paper-III: International Organizations
  • Paper-IV: European Diplomacy (1815-1939)
  • Paper-V: Pakistan in World Affairs


    International Relations (Final)

  • Paper-I: International Politics Since 1939
  • Paper-II: The Politics of International Economics Relations
  • Paper-III: Far East in 20th Century, Soviet Union Since 1917 & Strategic Studies
  • Paper-IV: (a) The Middle East since 1919 (b) Africa in world affair (c) Latin America in world affair
  • Paper-V: Essay


4. Political Science (Previous)

  • Paper-I: Political Theory from Plato to Rousseau
  • Paper-II: Islamic Political Theory & Institutions
  • Paper-III: International Law (Including Muslim International law)
  • Paper-IV: Comparative Local Govt., Principles of Public Administration with special reference to Pak. UK. USA & France, Political Sociology, The Political System of Develop Countries, Studies in Political Systems
  • Paper-V: Theory and Practice of Modern Governments


    Political Science (Final)

  • Paper-I: Political Theory from Montesquieu to Laski
  • Paper-II: World Politics
  • Paper-III: Government & Politics of Pakistan
  • Paper-IV: Plato’s Republic & Aristotle’s Politics, Texts of Hobes Locks & Roseau etc, Ibn-e-khaldonn’s (The Muqaddamah) D.Hegel, Reen & Bosanquet.


5. Persian (Previous)

  • Paper-I: Classical prose
  • Paper-II: Classical Poetry
  • Paper-III: SufiStic Literature & Arabic Languages
  • Paper-IV: Special Study of Iqbal
  • Paper-V: History of Persian Literature (Iran & Pak. Hind Sub-Continent)


    Persian (Final)

  • Paper-I: Modern Prose
  • Paper-II: Modern Poetry
  • Paper-III: History of Criticism
  • Paper-IV: Essay & Translations
  • Paper-V: Paper-V (In lieu of Viva Voce)


6. Islamic History (previous)

  • Paper-I: Life and Time of Holy Prophet and the Pious Caliphs
  • Paper-II: History of Umayyad of Damascus and Spain
  • Paper-III: History of the Abbasids of Baghdad
  • Paper-IV: Osmani Turks
  • Paper-V: Evolution of the Muslim Community in the Indo-Pak Sub-Continent


    Islamic History (Final)

  • Paper-I: Muslim Political through and Institutions
  • Paper-II: History of the Development of Muslim Jurisprudence
  • Paper-III: Muslim World since 1919 with special emphasis on Turkey, Egypt, Iran & Indonesia
  • Paper-IV: History of Muslim Civilization & Culture, Muslim in Egypt, Muslims Historiography, History & Culture of Central Asia & Aspects of Muslim Art and Architecture
  • Paper-V: Essay


7. Philosophy (Previous)

  • Paper-I: History of Ancient & Medieval Philosophy
  • Paper-II: History of Modern Philosophy
  • Paper-III: Metaphysics
  • Paper-IV: Moral Philosophy
  • Paper-V: History of Persian Literature (Iran & Pak. Hind Sub-Continent)


    Philosophy (Final)

  • Paper-I: 20th Century Philosophy
  • Paper-II: Logic and Scientific Method
  • Paper-III: Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Arts and Literature & Modern Contemporary Islamic Philosophy
  • Paper-IV: Philosophy of Plato, Philosophy of Kant & Philosophy of Iqbal
  • Paper-V: Essay


8. Islamic Studies (Previous)

  • Paper-I: Al Quran wa Tafsir-e-Al-Quran (Sunni & Shia)
  • Paper-II: Hadith wa Usool-e-Hadith wa Tarikh (Sunni & Shia)
  • Paper-III: Alfiqah wa Tarikh Al-Fiqah (Sunni & Shia)
  • Paper-IV: Musalmanoon ki Tamadduni Tarikh
  • Paper-V: Arabic & Tarikh Dawat-o-Azimat


    Islamic Studies (Final)

  • Paper-I: Usool Al Fiqah (Sunni & Shia)
  • Paper-II: Comparative Study of Religion & Islami Iqtisadyat
  • Paper-III: Arabic & Musalmanon ke Maasshrati adare
  • Paper-IV: Special Study of Seerat-Un-Nabi
  • Paper-V:  Morality of Muslims and Tasawwuf & Musalmanon ke Falsafyana Afkar


9. Sindhi (Previous)

  • Paper-I: Prose
  • Paper-II: Poetry (Classical)
  • Paper-III: Folklore
  • Paper-IV: Literary History
  • Paper-V: Literary Criticism


    Sindhi (Final)

  • Paper-I: Prose
  • Paper-II: Poetry (Modern)
  • Paper-III: History of Language
  • Paper-IV: Study of Shah Latif
  • Paper-V: Essay


10. Urdu (Previous)

  • Paper-I: Urdu Adab ka Moashrati vaSiasi va Saqafati Pus Manzar
  • Paper-II: Mutaqaddamin
  • Paper-III: Poetry Daure-e-Mutawasetin va Mutakhirin va Muaserin
  • Paper-IV: Lisaniyat ya Tarikh-e-Zaban va Adab-e-Urdu
  • Paper-V: Essay


    Urdu (Final)

  • Paper-I: Usool-e-Tarikh va Tanqeed
  • Paper-II: Biswin Sadi ka Urdu Adab
  • Paper-III: Nasr Daur-e-Mutawasteen va Mutakhrin
  • Paper-IV: Khusoosi Mutala Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
  • Paper-V: Essay


11. Arabic (Previous)

  • Paper-I: Advanced Arabic Grammar
  • Paper-II: Conversation Translation & Essay Composition
  • Paper-III: Modern Prose
  • Paper-IV: Ancient poetry from Pagan to Abbasids Era
  • Paper-V: History of Arabic Languages &Literature


    Arabic (Final)

  • Paper-I: The Holy Quran & Science of Exegesis
  • Paper-II: Al Haddis Nabi & Science of Traditions
  • Paper-III: Spanish & Modern Arabic Poetry
  • Paper-IV: Novel Story Drama & Literary Prose in Modern Literature
  • Paper-V: Rhetoric


12. General History (Previous)

  • Paper-I: History of South Asia from Earliest Times 1000 A.D. (Excluding the Arab conquest of Sindh)
  • Paper-II: History of South Asia (712 to 1526)
  • Paper-III: History of South Asia (1526 to 1761)
  • Paper-IV: History of South Asia (1761 to 1947)
  • Paper-V: History of Europe (1789 to 1919)


    General History (Final)


Gr. A-I Historiography
Gr.B-I.A The Mauryan Age
Gr. B-I-B The Gupta Age
Gr. B-I-C Eco. & Social History of South Asia
Gr. C. Paper-I Ancient Greece


Gr. A-II A. History of USA (Common with II-A Gr. C)
Gr. A-II-B, History of European Diplomacy since 1919 (Common with Paper-II B.Gr.C)
Gr. B-II.A. Age of Alauddin Khiliji Gr.B.II.B. The Age of Muhammad Bin Tughlaq


Gr.A.III.A. Middle East since 1919
Gr.A-III-B. Far East in 20th Century
Gr.A.III-C. French Revolution etc. (Common with Paper-III Gr. C)
Gr.B-III Age of Alamgir


Gr.A-paper-IV-A History of the Freedom Movement (Common with Paper IV-A of Gr.B) A paper-IV-B Constitutional History of Hind Pak. (Common with Paper IV-B. Gr, B)
Gr. C. Paper-IV History of Medieval Europe


History of Pakistan since 1947