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Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed (In-charge)

 It is the matter of great satisfaction that with the consistent efforts, the University of Karachi has introduced B.Ed. (Hons) 4 year program. The alternative paradigm of teacher education program consider structural changes in the system of teacher education, while redefining the teacher’s roles within the framework of the school education system.

Teacher Education courses in different countries extend for three or four years providing opportunity to improve upon teaching skills and the perception of teaching. Teacher education in Pakistan is for only one year, which does not expose to experiences necessary to enhance teaching skills and develop a positive perception of profession

Our goal is to equip the prospective teacher with skills essential for a lifelong learning.  We believe that a broad-based, flexible professional education provides the most appropriate formal preparation to:

  • Meet contemporary challenges,
  • Fulfill career goals,
  • Lead a purposeful, healthy and rewarding life, and
  • Serve society as a responsible citizen.


The University of Karachi envisions the leading University for professional excellence in Teacher Education.


Our mission is to provide exemplary programs that prepare teachers to make effective decisions in diverse contexts, promoting professional excellence within socio-cultural framework, bringing forth benefits to prospective teacher, community and the country.

Quality Policy

We envision a learning community marked by academic excellence, creative process, professional competence, and passionate Citizens, offering healing, hope and a high level of satisfaction in our diverse world.