Associate Professor

Dr. Najeeb Alam Khan

He is serving the department as an Associate Professor. His overall experience is around 20 years with expertise in the field of Epidemiological Modelling, Dynamical systems, Fluid Dynamics, Fractional Calculus and Decision Science etc. He has supervised 10 M.Phil. and 6 Ph.D. theses. He has more than 180 publications with a cumulative impact factor of above 200. His work has been cited extensively in leading international journals of the field. He presented his work in several national/international conferences. He is reviewer of more than 110 international journals, also supervised more than 5 Ph.D. and 10 M.Phil. students


Assistant Professors

Mr. Waseem Ahmed Khan
Areas of working: Calculus, Differential Equation, Fluid Dynamics

Dr. Syeda Sadia Zia
Areas of working: Algebra, Numerical Analysis

Mr. Waseem Ahmad Ansari
Area of working: Linear Algebra

Dr. Saba Naz
Area of working: Data Analysis, Differential Geometry

Dr. Tanveer Ahmed Siddiqi
Area of working: Computational Mathematics, Data Analysis

Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz
Area of working: Operation Search, Fluid Dynamics

Dr. Syed Inayatullah
Area of working: Operation Search, Linear Programming

Dr. Muhammad Ayaz
Area of working: Artificial Neural Networks, Algebra, Stochastic Modeling

Dr. Asif Raza Khan
Areas of working: Measure Theory, Mathematical Analysis

Dr. Saqib ur Rehman
Area of working: Mathematical and Statistical Modeling Climate Dynamics, Time Series Analysis

Dr. Syed Ahmad Hassan
Area of working: Mathematical Modeling Climate Dynamics, Time Series Analysis

Dr. Fozia Hanif
Area of working: Operation Research


Assistant Professors (T)

Dr. Hina Zaheer
Area of working: Data Structure, Operations Research

Dr. Asma Rani
Area of working: Optimization Theory, Linear Algebra, Calculus

Dr. Noor Fatima Siddiqui
Area of working: Numerical Analysis, Differential Equations, Fluid Dynamics



Mr. Shahid
Area of working: Analysis, Differential Equations, Algebra

Mr. Asif Iqbal
Area of working: Algebra, Discrete Mathematics

Ms. Hafsa Athar Jafree
Area of working: Algebra, Numerical Analysis

Dr. Ateeq Razzak (On Leave)
Area of working: Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Analysis

Mr. Salman Safdar (Study Leave)
Area of working: Dynamical Systems, Algebra

Ms. Samira Sahar Jamil
Area of working: Topology, Algebra, Analysis

Dr. Sumayyah Saadi
Area of working: Analysis, Inequalities

Mr. Muhammad Usman Qureshi
Area of working: Calculus, Algebra, Analysis

Ms. Wajiha Riaz
Area of working: Optimization Theory, Algebra, Calculus

Ms. Aghzia Akram
Area of working: Algebra, Analysis

Dr. Mehwish Shafi Khan
Area of working: Mathematical Modelling, Time Series Analysis