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Professor Dr. Sarwar Jahan Abbasi

  • Professor Dr. S. J. Abbasi is a noted and eminent Mathematician. Dr. Abbasi is pioneer of Matrix Near Rings. Professor J.D.P.Meldrum, University of Edinburg, UK , commented on her outstanding research work as; “She made very significant contribution to the theory of Near Rings. Her work has opened up new lines of inquiry in the field of Algebra”.
  • Prof. Gunter pilz, University of Linz, Austria, Prof. Winfield Mueller, University of Klagenfurt, Austria and Department of Mathematics, University of St. Andrews, UK  invited her to deliver lectures on Matrix Near Rings. 
  • UNESCO awarded her ROSTSCA YOUNG SCIENTISTS AWARD 1990 , in recognition of the outstanding contribution in the field of Mathematics.
  • International Mathematical Union, European Mathematical Association and ICTP Italy selected her as National Organizer of 5th World Conference on 21st Century Mathematics, Feb. 15-19, 2011, GC University, Lahore and published group photograph of organizers in Oberwolfach, Germany Photo Collection (http://owpdb.mfo.de/detail/photo).  
  • She organized the First National Conference on Mathematics, 22 March 2010 and Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Department of Mathematics. (report published in KU News letter, photo attached and can be viewed on Department’s website www.domsku.com).
  • IBC (International Biographical Centre) Cambridge, England published her biography in the Leading Scientists of the World 2010.
  • ABI (American Biographical Institute, Inc.) North Carolina USA published her biography in the Seventh Edition of The INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORY OF DISTINGUISHED LEADERSHIP released in 1997.
  • Dr. Abbasi has several international and national publications. She represented Pakistan in many conferences in Scotland, Britain, Australia, Italy, Canada and Russia, and attended Advance Courses on Mathematical Biology(Canada). PDE (France) and Algebraic Geometry (Italy).
  • Dr. Sarwar Jahan Abbasi completed her Graduation with distinction of First Class Third Position and obtained her Masters’ degree in Applied Mathematics with the honor of standing First Class First in the Faculty of Arts, University of Karachi, Karachi.
  • She got her Ph.D. in Algebra from University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, under the Merit Scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • She won the Postdoctoral Fellowship Award of The Abdus-Salam International for theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy. She was the First Post-doctorate Fellow in Mathematics from Pakistan.

Dr. Syed Anwer Ali Zaidi

Dr. Syed Anwer Ali Zaidi received his M.Phil degree in 1990 from University of Karachi, and recently he has awarded Ph.D. degree in the field of Fluid Dynamics (Navier Stoke Equations) from University of Karachi.  

Areas of Working: Numerical Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Projective Geometry

E-mail: anwerzaidi1958@yahoo.com

Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad M. Phil.

Areas of working: Methods of Mathematical Physics, Integral Equation, Study of Space Time

Mr. Muhammad Javed Asari M.Phil

Areas of working: Electromagnetic Theory, Differential Equations

Mr. Wasim Ahmad Khan M.Phil

Areas of working: Calculus, Differential Equation

Dr. Syeda Sadia Zia M.Phil. PhD

Areas of working: Algebra, Numerical Analysis

E-mail: s_sadiazia@hotmail.com

Mr. Wasim Ahmad Ansari M.Sc.

Area of working: Linear Algebra

E-mail: waseem_aansari@hotmail.com

Dr. Khuram Kamran M.Sc. PhD

Areas of working:  Numerical Computation, Fluid Dynamics

E-mail: kkamran.ku@hotmail.com

Ms. Saba Naz M.Sc.

Area of working: Differential Geometry

E-mail: pakbreez@yahoo.com

Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz M.Phil PhD

Area of working: Numerical Computation

E-mail: imtiaz_ku@yahoo.com

Dr. Syed Inayatullah M.Phil PhD

Area of working: Numerical Computation

E-mail: inayat_ku@yahoo.com

Dr. Najeeb Alam Khan M.Sc PhD

Areas of working: Applied Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Statistics, Differential Equation

E-mail: najeeb_ku@yahoo.com

Dr. Asif Raza Khan M.Sc. PhD

Areas of working: Measure Theory, Mathematical Analysis

E-mail: asif_rizkhan@hotmail.com

Mr. Tanveer Ahmed Siddiqu MIBM