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COMPUTER LABORATORY: The computer lab is the popular spot to work on projects outside of class. The lab is equipped with current-model, high-end PC computers, high-speed network and storage, an extensive collection of software - including statistical, financial, accounting, programming, and simulations software - printers, scanners and other equipment to meet student needs.

AUDITORIUM: The auditorium is equipped with all the modern facilities, with a capacity to seat more than 200 people. It is perfect for lecture series, plays and media presentations. This room features a digital projector, projection screen and a computer to use with the projection equipment. The auditorium has adequate lighting and low maintenance.

CAFETERIA: KUBS always tries to provide an accommodative environment for the students and has provided place for students to relax and eat. The department cafeteria is the place where students enjoy meals and have social interaction. It also provides them clean environment where they go and discuss academic and social issues with fellow students.

PRAYERS AREA: A suitable place has been earmarked with necessary arrangement of ablution and prayer for students and staff. The construction of elegant mosque is under active process. All the necessary measures are being taken for offering of prayers and the proper accomplishment of the Islamic teachings.

LIBRARY: The KUBS library serves as the knowledge resource center of the department. The library strives to develop significant collection of comprehensive course books along with reference books. A significant part of the collection consists of newspapers, manuscripts and philosophy books.

GIRLS COMMON ROOM: A common room has been exclusively reserved for female students, where they can meet their classmates and friends and engage in discussions in a peaceful and quiet environment. The room is equipped with comfortable furniture and an attached washroom. The room is properly ventilated, well-lit, neat and clean to provide a friendly ambience to its users.