B.S. Four years / M.Sc two Years Programme

First Year

First Semester

Second Semester

300.1(i.s)    Islamic studies

300.2(p.s) Pakistan Studies

300.1(e)      English

300.2(u) Urdu

301  Fundamentals of Chemistry

302  Introduction to Organic Chemistry

303              Biochemistry I

304  Biochemistry-II

311  Fundamentals of  

312  Microbiology –I


Second Year

Third  Semester

Fourth Semester

400.1(f.m)Functional  Maths-I /
(bio) Biology-I

400.1 (f.m) Functional Maths-II 
(bio) Biology-II

400.1(e)  English –II

400.2(e)  Computer Applications in Biotechnology-I

401 Energetics and Inorganic Chemistry of Biological Processes

402  Clinical Microbiology

403 Applied Microbiology &  Immunology

404  Metabolism of industrially  important micro-organisms

411 Cell and Molecular Biology  

412  Genetics


B.S. Third Year /M.Sc Previous  

Fifth Semester

Sixth Semester

501   Introduction to social sciences 

502  Communication  skills

511   Virology

512  Molecular Biophysics

521   Genetic Engineering

522  Research Methodology and Techniques

531   Protein Chemistry

532  Bioinformatics

541   Principles of Biochemical Engineering-I

542  Principles of Biochemical Engineering-II

551   Biosafty

552  Medical Physiology


Fourth Year / M.Sc. Final

Seventh Semester

Eighth Semester

601  Biostatistics

612  Ethical and Social Issues in Biotechnology

611  Biotechnology Business Applications

622  Food Biotechnology

621  Agriculture Biotechnology

632  Plant Tissue Culture and 

631  Animal Cell and Tissue culture 

642  Medical Biotechnology

641  Applied Immunology

652  Environmental Biotechnology

651  Applied Enzymology

662  Community Development