Internal Students





You are applying for admission at the University of Karachi, Pakistan through a three-step on-line admission process as under:

  • Registration of your application
  • Uploading of documents
  • Closing the application

You will get to the online application links:

Before you register your application you need to decide the fields of study you are going to select. You will also have to prepare all documents you need to upload. Once you have started your application you must complete it since it's impossible to save incomplete data. In case of incomplete data your application will not be considered for processing.

Please carefully read all information and instructions on this website for International students before starting the registration phase. You may also download the Prospectus/Guidelines below.

Application step-by-step

You have applied for the admission at the University of Karachi, Pakistan through an online application system (which is available only for the international students).

Please note that applications are allowed on 'ONE APPLICATION PER PERSON' basis. Persons who register multiple applications their application will not be considered.

1.     Read all info on the webpage.   Identify which departments you may apply for. You can choose at least three relevant departments.  Selection for provisional admission in a particular department will be decided on the basis of your merit and eligibility.

2.    Prepare the   relevant documentation.   Go through   the   list   of   required   documents.   Uploaded documents must have a maximum file size of 3 MB. Please upload files in PDF, JPG or PNG format only. No Word documents may be uploaded.

3.   Start your application process:

  • enter all the required personal data.
  •  enter details of last academic data .
  • Specify the program in which you are applying for.
  • specify the relevant Departments you want to take the admission in (options of 3 departments)

4.   Submit   the   application.   Once   you   have   submitted   your   application,   it   will   not   be   possible   to change it. Only submitted applications will be considered for the selection process.

You will receive a confirmation email after you have submitted your application. There will be also a notice on your screen after you have submitted your application. In case of non-receipt of confirmation, please contact +921- 99261376.

Register an account on the application website. After you have registered or submitted yourapplication, you will receive a User-ID through email.

Documents to upload

  • Make sure to scan documents with sufficient resolution.
  • All supporting documents must be in English.


  • Course record: The official stamped and signed document showing the courses and results (grades) of your previous studies.
  • Official Transcript of Diploma or Degree: Certified proof of each (Certificate/Diploma/Degree) from the educational institution. If no degree has been issued, please submit a certified document showing your eligibility for the program applied for.
  • Proof of registration: Official stamped and signed document proving your previous registration at your home university for degree/ diploma (admission letter).
  • Documentary evidence of completion of studies abroad (Scanned Copies of pages from passport showing bio-data, entry, exit and visa of the country concerned).
  • Copy of Computerized National Identity Card and B. Form.

Selection Process

As soon as the application closes, the selection process will start and advance as follows:

  • The University of Karachi assesses the incoming applications according to pre-defined criteria.
  • Based on assessments made by the University of Karachi, the Director, Admissions Committee takes the decision for the selection of candidates according to the policies. The selection observes the overall eligibility and equivalency criteria.
  • All candidates are informed about the result of their applications via email from the coordinating office. Note that you may be contacted by the University before you get the results of your application for admission. You may be contacted in case of previous application for admission. However, such contact will not be considered a guarantee for a provisional admission. Only an official email from the coordinating office should be considered the definite result of your application concerning the Provisional Admission.

When you are selected

The result of the application will be announced within a month of uploading the application.  All notifications are sent by email at the email address registered in your application.


  • Successful candidates are required to submit the  prescribed forms. See Annex I, II and III for the Provisional admission in different degree programs.
  • University will send a copy of provisional admission letter to the Higher Education Commission (HEC).
  • The HEC shall confirm and endorse admission to the Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan.

All students need to start their mobility so as to ensure their presence in the university at the time the academic session starts.
See the links below:

  • ANNEX-I (International students information sheet for studying in Pakistan)
  • ANNEX-II (University of Karachi, Application for Equivalence/Exemption certificate)
  • ANNEX-MI (GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN, Application form for admission in Pakistani Educational Institutions for International students only)
  • ANNEX-A (HEC Application form for international students for studying under self-finance scheme)
  • Steps for applying No Objection Certificate (NOC) after Provisional Admission
  • Steps for applying of visa
  • Policy for Admission of students under Pakistan Technical Assistance Program (PTAP)" Program for friendly developing countries".
  • Policy for Admission of students under Pakistan Technical Assistance Program (PTAP)" Students of Pakistan origin from abroad"