Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qaiser

Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi


Contact #: 99261300-06 Ext: 2210, 2454

Direct #: 99261336-37

Fax#: 99261340



Field of Specialization: 

  • Plant Systematics including Biodiversity and Conserve of Flowering Plants, Classical and Experimental Plant Taxonomy including Chemotaxonomy, Phytogeography, Palynology and Ethnobotany.


Academic Positions Held:

  • Dean, Faculty of Science (May 2004-August 2006)
  • Chairman, Department of Botany, University of Karachi (Oct. 2001 2004).
  • Professor of Botany, University of Karachi (Dec.1985 till to date).
  • Associate Professor of Botany, University of Karachi (Jan. 1983 Dec. 1985).
  • Assistant Professor of Botany, University of Karachi (1977-82).
  • Assistant Professor of Botany, Al-Faateh University, Tripoli, Libya (on leave from University of Karachi) (1979-82)
  • Lecturer of Botany, University of Karachi (1971-77).
  • Research Officer, Department of Botany, University of Karachi (1969-71).
  • Assistant Lecturer of Botany, University of Karachi (1967-69).


Administrative Positions:

  • Vice Chancellor University of Karachi
  • Vice Chancellor, Federal Urdu University, Federal Urdu University Arts, Science & Technology (Jan, 2008 to Jan, 2013)
  • Acting Vice-Chancellor, University of Karachi (various occasions)
  • Registrar, University of Karachi (Aug. 1999 to Aug. 2001& Jan. 2004 to July 2004).
  • Student Advisor, University of Karachi (Nov. 1996 to Aug. 1999).
  • Student Advisor, Department of Botany (1990 to 1996)
  • Provost, Karachi University Boys Hostel (Aug. 1990 to Sep. 1994).
  • Member Syndicate (Jul. 2004 - to date).
  • Member Syndicate (Aug. 2002 to Jun. 2003).
  • Project Director: Creation of Central Laboratory for Faculty of Science. HEC-PSDP project (completed and inaugurated on 4th August 2006).
  • Project Director: Establishment of Herbarium at Karachi University HEC-PSDP project (completed and inaugurated on 1th August 2006)
  • Project Director: Establishment of Botanical Garden at Karachi University HEC-PSDP project (completed and inaugurated on 12th September 2007).
  • HEC Eminent Professor (Department Botany),
  • Advisor to Vice chancellor  (Academic affairs)


Research and Teaching Experience:    43 years

  • At the University of Karachi (1972-76) undertook the Biosystematic Study of the family Tamaricaceae from Pakistan for the award of Ph.D. degree. In this connection I have worked in the different Continental herbaria viz. British Museum, Edinburgh, Kew Linnean Society, London. Paris and Vienna.
  • From 1971 – to date: remained an active Participant in the project of  “Flora of Pakistan” - collected plant specimens all over Pakistan and contributed to the accounts of several plant families for Flora of Libya (see attached list).


Academic Awards:

  • Best Teacher Award by Prime Minister of Pakistan (2005)
  • Gold medal in the field of Botany by Pakistan Academy of Sciences (2004).
  • Cash award of research productivity allowance for the year 2002 – 2007
  • Post Doctorate Fellowship: One and half year fellowship was awarded by Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, Bonn, Germany, at the Botanical Garden & Museum, Berlin and Frei University Berlin, Germany (1984-85).



  • Listed as No.5 Biologist of Pakistan (Productive Scientists of Pakistan – published by PCST).


Membership of Learned Societies:

  • Fellow of Academy of Science for developing world (TWAS)
  • Fellow of Pakistan Academy of Sciences
  • Fellow Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung (AVH) Germany
  • International Organization of Plant Biosystematists (IOPB)
  • Pakistan Botanical Society
  • German Botanical Society
  • Ethnobotanical Society of Pakistan.
  • Weed Society of Pakistan


Editor, Co-Editor and Member Editorial Boards/Committees

  • Co-Editor, Flora of Pakistan, 1995 – to date.
  • Subject Editor, Pakistan Journal of Botany, 2001- to date.
  • Member, Editorial Board, Pakistan Journal of Life and Social Sciences, 2003 – to date.
  • Member, Editorial Board, Sindh University Research Journal, 2002 –to date.
  • Member, Editorial Board, Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, 1989 – to date.


Research supervised for the award of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).

  • Ten students completed Ph.D


Research Projects Awarded and Completed:

  • Principal Investigator, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) research project, Sustainable use of Plant Wealth of Chitral and Preparation of Red Data list  2004 - 2008
  • 2000 – to date. Flora of Pakistan – Sponsored by Missouri Botanical Gardens, USA 2008.
  • 2001- 2004. Aerobiological Studies in relation to Allergy from Karachi. ( National Science Foundation)
  • 2002-2003. Studies of the Trichomes in the family Boraginaceae from Pakistan (University of Karachi).
  • 2001-2002. Biosystematic studies of the genus Leontopodium from Pakistan and Kashmir (University of Karachi).
  • 1999-2000. Systematic studies of the genera Gnaphalium L. and  Phagnalon Cass. from Pakistan and Kashmir (University of Karachi).
  • 1990-1994. Pollen Flora of Pakistan by National Science Research Development Board (NSRDB) under the administration of University Grants Commission, Islamabad, worth Pak. Rs.0.7 million
  • 1986-1991. Vascular  Plants of Pakistan by United State Department of Agriculture under PL-480, worth Pak. Rs.2.6 million (Co-Principal Investigator).
  • 1981-1986. Taxonomic Study of Vascular Plants of Pakistan by United States Department of Agriculture under PL-480, worth around Pak. Rs.1.7 million (Co-Principal Investigator).
  • Various other small projects were awarded by Faculty of Science, University of Karachi, from time to time.



  • More than 200 papers published in Journal of National and International repute. More than 70% papers are published in impact factor Journals