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Professor Dr. Syed Arif Kamal ( Web )

Prof. Dr. Syed Arif Kamal, Senior-Most Professor and Chairman, Department of Mathematics, University of Karachi, obtained his BSc (Honors) summa cum laude, MSc summa cum laude (98.8% aggregate marks) and PhD from University of Karachi, MS from Indiana University, Bloomington, USA and MA from the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA as Quaid-é-Azam Scholar. He held visiting and sessional faculty positions at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, USA, Malmö General Hospital, Malmö, Sweden and the Aga Khan University Medical Coillege, Karachi.

His awards and honors include throughout First-Class-First Position and 4 gold medals for scholastic achievements and Karachi-University-Syndicate Appointments as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor, all of them number one according to merit list. He is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), the Karachi University Senate, Academic Council and Boards of Faculty (Science, Arts and Education). As member of Expert Panel on Curriculum of Mathematics, Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan, he reviewed mathematics syllabi and textbooks for Classes I-XII. He acts as Subject Expert (Mathematics) on the Selection/Interview Boards of University of Balochistan, Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) and Federal Public Service Commission. He is, also, a referee of Astrophysics and Space Science (Springer) [ISI Impact Factor (2014) = 2.263], Clinical Biomechanics (Elsavier) [ISI Impact Factor (2014) = 1.970], Acta Paediatrica [ISI Impact factor (2014) = 1.674], Optics and Laser Technology (Elsavier) [ISI Impact factor (2014) = 1.647], Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research [ISI Impact Factor (2014) = 0.500], Journal of Chinese Institute of Engineers and Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences.

His research, teaching and administrative experiences in institutions of higher learning and R&D organizations span over 35 years. He had an opportunity to lead teams in 15 different capacities, with progressively-increasing responsibilities (motivation, administration, crisis management, conflict resolution, establishment of national projects/laboratories), through his soft skills (communication, presentation, networking, ability to portray vision, out-of-the-box solutions) and research in administrative and leadership styles (conflict-resolution mechanisms linked to left- and right-hemisphere functioning of brain, introduction of z axis — innovative skills along with technical and managerial skills). A few key positions held by him are Chairman, Department of Mathematics (first term 2003-6, second term 2012-present), Project Director, the NGDS Pilot Project (1998-present), Chairman, Board of Studies for Mathematics  (2003-6, 2012-present), Convener, Program in Industrial and Business Mathematics, University of Karachi (2003-6, 2012-present), Acting Convener, Testing Services Committee, University of Karachi (2008-10, during absences of Convener), Convener, National Curriculum Revision Committee for Mathematics, Higher Education Commission (2004-2012), which prepared BS, MS and PhD curricula and Convener, Subject Committee for Mathematics, National Testing Service Pakistan (2009-2012) and Convener, Sub-Committee (Academics),  the Education Committee, Transparency International Pakistan (2011-2014). In addition, he contributed in grooming future leaders as Program Convener of the Early Talent Research Participation Program, University of Karachi (2002-2010). He has 164 papers to his credit (154 as solo/first/corresponding author) in biomathematics, astrodynamics, relativity, physical mathematics and algebra, in Biological Cybernetics (Springer) [ISI Impact Factor (2014) = 1.713], Journal of Biological Physics (Springer) [ISI Impact Factor (2014) = 1.286], Chinese Journal of Physics [ISI Impact Factor (2014) = 0.413] as well as Matrix and Tensor Quarterly (Tensor Society of Great Britain).

His contributions to mathematics include defining determinant of a general tensor, introducing cardiac coördinates to study heart function, developing astrodynamical coördinates to study bounded keplarian motion, formulating Strong Noether’s Theorem to study particle symmetries, suggesting mechanisms to avoid infinities from the Lorentz and the Poincaré Tranformations, constructing a minkowski-type metric for curved spacetime, proposing approaches to generalize principle of equivalence and devising new control laws, the extended-cross-product steering, the dot-product steering and the ellipse-orientation steering for spacecrafts and satellites, making mathematical models of brain, heart, spinal column and growth of children. In addition, he has written a critical review of Richard H. Battin’s book, “An Introduction to the Mathematics and the Methods of Astrodynamics”. Some of the notable concepts put forward by him are the fourth law of thermodynamics (physics/chemistry), the sixth paradigm of physics, cross lattice (generalization of reciprocal lattice — condensed-matter physics), smart-intelligent power (generalization of soft power, smart power and intelligent power — international relations), edge-based moiré (combination of moiré fringe topography and edge-based algorithm — computer vision), air-spacecraft of the third millennium (green engineering principles — aeronautics and astronautics), mathematical definition of brain death (exploring group structure of covariant model of global electrocortical activity — mathematical neuroscience) as well as the first- and the second-generation solutions of childhood obesity (month-wise targets to achieve specific heights and masses to be accomplished on checkup date of each following month  — anthromathematics). Aerospace, health-care and security technologies are impacted by his research.

He introduced 8 new branches of mathematics, namely, anthromathematics (on March 22, 2010), astromathematics (on October 8, 2012), anthrotopology (on December 27, 2012), condensed-matter mathematics (on December 28, 2012), anthroalgebra (on April 10, 2013), anthrogeometry (on April 10, 2013), anthrodynamics (on April 10, 2013) and anthroimaging (on September 5, 2013). Anthromathematics has matured since then with MPhil courses offered and two conferences held on the subject — the first one on September 4 and 5, 2013 and the second one on September 4, 2014.

He has given 72 colloquia, guest lectures, presentations and seminars at various institutions of higher learning, including Air War College, the Aga Khan University, the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, Higher Education Commission, the Abdus-Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, Italy and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. In addition, he has conducted 21 trainings and workshops as well as in-service and professional development courses and organized 17 exhibitions, grand seminars, seminar series and conferences (chairman of 3 conferences). He was invited speaker in 12 conferences, session chair in 11 conferences, panelist (panel discussion) in 3 conferences, keynote speaker in 3 conferences and chief guest in one conference. He, also, presided one conference.

His biography is included in Marquis Who’s Who in the World, Dictionary of International Biography and 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the Twenty-First Century. On November 4, 2010, he shared his life-long achievements as Guest Scientist in the Pakistan Academy of Sciences Karachi Chapter Program.

This information is updated as of August 1, 2015.

Official e-mail: sakamal(at the rate of)uok.edu.pk

Link on KU Site: http://www.uok.edu.pk/faculties/mathematics/faculty.php#kamal

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Professor Dr. Sarwar Jahan Abbasi

  • Professor Dr. S. J. Abbasi is a noted and eminent Mathematician. Dr. Abbasi is pioneer of Matrix Near Rings. Professor J.D.P.Meldrum, University of Edinburg, UK , commented on her outstanding research work as; “She made very significant contribution to the theory of Near Rings. Her work has opened up new lines of inquiry in the field of Algebra”.
  • Prof. Gunter pilz, University of Linz, Austria, Prof. Winfield Mueller, University of Klagenfurt, Austria and Department of Mathematics, University of St. Andrews, UK  invited her to deliver lectures on Matrix Near Rings. 
  • UNESCO awarded her ROSTSCA YOUNG SCIENTISTS AWARD 1990 , in recognition of the outstanding contribution in the field of Mathematics.
  • International Mathematical Union, European Mathematical Association and ICTP Italy selected her as National Organizer of 5th World Conference on 21st Century Mathematics, Feb. 15-19, 2011, GC University, Lahore and published group photograph of organizers in Oberwolfach, Germany Photo Collection (http://owpdb.mfo.de/detail/photo).  
  • She organized the First National Conference on Mathematics, 22 March 2010 and Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Department of Mathematics. (report published in KU News letter, photo attached and can be viewed on Department’s website www.domsku.com).
  • IBC (International Biographical Centre) Cambridge, England published her biography in the Leading Scientists of the World 2010.
  • ABI (American Biographical Institute, Inc.) North Carolina USA published her biography in the Seventh Edition of The INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORY OF DISTINGUISHED LEADERSHIP released in 1997.
  • Dr. Abbasi has several international and national publications. She represented Pakistan in many conferences in Scotland, Britain, Australia, Italy, Canada and Russia, and attended Advance Courses on Mathematical Biology(Canada). PDE (France) and Algebraic Geometry (Italy).
  • Dr. Sarwar Jahan Abbasi completed her Graduation with distinction of First Class Third Position and obtained her Masters’ degree in Applied Mathematics with the honor of standing First Class First in the Faculty of Arts, University of Karachi, Karachi.
  • She got her Ph.D. in Algebra from University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, under the Merit Scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • She won the Postdoctoral Fellowship Award of The Abdus-Salam International for theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy. She was the First Post-doctorate Fellow in Mathematics from Pakistan.

Dr. Syed Anwer Ali Zaidi

Dr. Syed Anwer Ali Zaidi received his M.Phil degree in 1990 from University of Karachi, and recently he has awarded Ph.D. degree in the field of Fluid Dynamics (Navier Stoke Equations) from University of Karachi.  

Areas of Working: Numerical Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Projective Geometry

E-mail: anwerzaidi1958@yahoo.com

Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad M. Phil.

Areas of working: Methods of Mathematical Physics, Integral Equation, Study of Space Time

Mr. Muhammad Javed Asari M.Phil

Areas of working: Electromagnetic Theory, Differential Equations

Mr. Wasim Ahmad Khan M.Sc.

Areas of working: Calculus, Differential Equation

Dr. Syeda Sadia Zia M.Phil. PhD

Areas of working: Algebra, Numerical Analysis

E-mail: s_sadiazia@hotmail.com

Mr. Wasim Ahmad Ansari M.Sc.

Area of working: Linear Algebra

E-mail: waseem_aansari@hotmail.com

Dr. Khuram Kamran M.Sc. PhD

Areas of working:  Numerical Computation, Fluid Dynamics

E-mail: kkamran.ku@hotmail.com

Ms. Saba Naz M.Sc.

Area of working: Differential Geometry

E-mail: pakbreez@yahoo.com

Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz M.Phil PhD

Area of working: Numerical Computation

E-mail: imtiaz_ku@yahoo.com

Dr. Syed Inayatullah M.Phil PhD

Area of working: Numerical Computation

E-mail: inayat_ku@yahoo.com

Dr. Najeeb Alam Khan M.Sc PhD

Areas of working: Applied Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Statistics, Differential Equation

E-mail: najeeb_ku@yahoo.com

Dr. Asif Raza Khan M.Sc. PhD

Areas of working: Measure Theory, Mathematical Analysis

E-mail: asif_rizkhan@hotmail.com

Mr. Tanveer Ahmed Siddiqu MIBM