In-charge: Nadeem Ahmed


Download MCN Brochure 2006-2010 (PDF: 5MB)


Main Communication Network has got into another year and by the grace of Allah, the global connectivity of the University has never been better. With round-the-clock internet connectivity to the instantaneous availability and sharing of every news, information or results through the University's website, MCN team is always up-and-coming.

The originally allocated internet bandwidth has been increased from 2Mbps to 128Mbps, as a result of continuous and never-ending internet consumption by the university users. MCN-UoK Internet bandwidth availability is about 100%. This seamless service helps the faculty members, researchers and students in carrying out research and development and is proving to be a catalyst for the enhancement of academic excellence of the university.

Currently there are over 7000 (10,000+ with BYOD)  active nodes in the university and the number of internet connections is increasing continuously. Response time is the time taken by network server to react to a given input. The response time is exceptional (only about 3.0ms). Moreover, it is decreasing further highlighting the improvement in the network services provided by MCN. Technical Support and assistance is also given for the whole University. Our Technical Support team is working tirelessly to ensure the proper working of the university internet.

As part of the project, new web architecture was designed and new website was developed. The new website contains all the information about the departments, the degree programs, admissions, institutes, and administration of the University of Karachi. The website spans well over a thousand documents featuring a wealth of information about the university, including a dazzling array of pictures of important events (on facebook page also). Information on admissions, faculties, departments, research institutes, events, meetings and many more are just a click away.

Research collaboration is a prime function for any university and it is through this collaboration that a university proves its value in the research field. UoK has successfully achieved the facility of Education Collaboration with all the leading universities of the world. This milestone was achieved after the completion of Video Conferencing Facility at University of Karachi. Through this, UoK will follow a path which will lead to new international and national research endeavors. The Video Broadcasting and Conferencing Center, located in the Department of Computer Science (UBIT) can house more than fifty research scholars at a time. The center was sponsored by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).