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Chairman: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abu Tayyab Khan

Established in 1953, the department of Bengali at the University of Karachi offers a regular program of studies at the Bachelors and at the Masters levels. The program enables students to develop a meaningful understanding and appreciation of Bengali Literature. Moreover, it gives an insight into the history of Bengali Literature starting from the medieval age right up toll the modern age. In addition to this, it acquaints students with the different genres of literature namely poetry, drama and fiction/prose.

A pool of highly competent faculty members has been associated with the Bengali department. Professor Syed Ali Ahsan, Professor Muhammad Farooq, Professor Syed Ali Ashraf and Mr. A.B.M. Mohiuddin Chaudhry have all contributed immensely to the development of the department



Teaching and Assessment

Teaching at the Bengali department is carried out mainly through lecture. Visiting speakers from other institutes are also invited from time to time. Students are required to give presentations on various topics as well as to submit assignments. The department hosts seminars at national and international level from time to time, in which distinguished speakers from Bangladesh read out their papers and speak on different aspects of Bengali literature The seminar organized by the department was on the prominent Bengali scholar QaziNazrul Islam’s contribution to Human Rights and Bengali Language, recently the department organized seminar on the "Qazi Nazrul - Islam and Allama Iqbal" contribution to Muslim Dignity in South Asia.


Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from this department are competent enough to enter the teaching profession for the subject of Bengali at primary as well as higher education level. Furthermore, opportunities of working in Bangladeshi banking sector,including ArifHabibRupali Bank, and in various government departments are available to them. They may also opt for research or work as translators and interpreters.