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Director: Dr. Roohi Bano (In-Charge)


  • To maintain a substantial and diverse ex-situ collection of rare and threatened plants, including cultivars
  • To establish a Centre for plants Conservation with specialization in the floristic studies and conservation of flora of Pakistan
  • To develop a Germ plasm/seeds bank of indigenous as well as cultivars.
  • To conserve and restore the rare native and endemic plants of Pakistan via  ex-situ conservation and re-habitation of fast depleting biodiversity 
  • To facilitate human resource development in the field of plant Conservation


Centre for Plant Conservation will be the hub of Academic and research activities. It will provide opportunities for collaborative research with related departments/Institutes on one hand and on the other it will also enhance the knowledge of plant conservation and sustainable utilization of plant biodiversity of rare and endemic plants of Pakistan.


  • To provide and promote facilities for advanced study and research in various aspects of plant conservation, plant systematic and ethno botany 
  • To promote and arrange extension lectures, national and international seminars, conferences, courses of further study and in-service training for those already engaged in on various aspects of the discipline and also for the common public. 
  • To provide services and consultation to the relevant departments of public and private institutions 
  • To collaborate with other academic centres and institutes and to equip and enable the Centre for carrying out the functions set out herein.
  • To developed the Centre for Plant Conservation as an internationally recognized organization.
  • Centre for Plant Conservation, University of Karachi is working to save the country’s rare plant species, which are on the brink of extinction & could soon disappear from the planet. In this Centre In-situ as well as ex-situ flora Conservation is taking place.