Controller: Prof. Dr. M. Arshad Azmi

The Office has three major responsibilities.


Guidance & Counselling

Students may get informations regarding scope of their subjects, job market, tips for CV writing and job interviews.


Different Organizations may approach this Office for placing advertisement of jobs/internship in various faculties of Karachi University. The he Office plays an active role in placement of students in different industries and other Offices.

Overseas Examinations

The Office plays an important role in conducting exams for expatriate Pakistanis living in Middle East i.e. (Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha (Qatar), Muscat, Jeddah, Kuwait & Riyadh. The exams are conducted at the Embassies of Pakistan & Pakistan International Schools with the help of contractual staff or with the help of the embassy staff. The schedule of various exams is given on the Schedule page