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Director: Dr. Rashida Qari


Institute of Marine Science (IMS) was established in 1981 to acquire greater knowledge of our marine environment and to develop a multidisciplinary approach to learn all aspects of the marine environment, ecological, biological and geological. Advanced knowledge of sea and skill in various fields of marine science is required for aquaculture, seafood, seaweed, seashells and pearl industry, oil and gas operators and Naval warfare. The Institute of Marine Science, Karachi University is best located for conducting research and teaching leading to MS/Ph.D. degrees. IMS undertakes research in marine science including ecological, biological, biochemical, chemical, geological studies on marine life of Northern Arabian Sea.





Career Opportunities

Jobs would be available in:

  • Fish processing industries
  • Teaching departments, Colleges and Institutes
  • Research organizations as: PCSIR labs, Marine Fisheries Departments of Pakistan, Sindh and Balochistan Fisheries Departments and NIO.
  • Middle East and Far East countries where aquaculture and Industries related to marine resources are highly developed