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Chairman: Dr. Muhammad Mohtasheemul Hasan (Assoc. Prof.)

The Department of Pharmacognosy with its highly interdisciplinary and interactive nature, offers to assists the undergraduates to earn a Pharm. D.  degree, as well as lead the young scientific investigator to earn either M.S. or Ph. D. degree in the fields of Pharmacognosy. We further project that these trained undergraduates will be equipped to bring a better promise of tomorrow in pharmaceutical industry, (manufacturing / quality control) or hospital pharmacy or drug control administration.

The department of Pharmacognosy was established in 1973 as a component of the Faculty of Pharmacy. The Department of Pharmacognosy has space for undergraduates laboratory in the faculty of pharmacy, whereas research programs are housed in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (RIPS) along with all possible research facilities. In Pakistan there has always been a growing interest in medicinal plants and their active chemical constituents are utilized in the modern system of medicine – allopathy and in traditional system of medicine – Unani and homeopathic systems. Pharmacognosy learning covers a broad area of identification o plant drugs, phytochemistry, extraction methods, separation, purification, identification and structure elucidation of natural products, phytotherapy, nutraceuticals, cosmaceutical and toxic manifestation.



Department of Pharmacognosy has laboratory for under graduates and large laboratories for graduates in Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, one store room.