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Chairman: Prof. Dr. M. Kaleem Raza Khan

The department of English was established in 1955. Dr. Muhammad Ahsan Farooqui was the first head of the department. The department was located in Shivjee Murarji building in Nanakwara, in January 1960 when the university move to its present campus, the department was housed on the first floor of the arts faculty building. Professor Dr. Ahsan Farooqui was the first head of the department of English. The department offers masters programme in both English literature and linguistics.


Career Opportunities

Students of the department of English have entered a variety of vocational fields. Some of these fields are: CSS, Advertising, Media (T.V., Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, etc.) Banking, Business, Teaching Educational Administration, Research etc. Excellent job opportunities are available for the students of English department.